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Structural and investigative reviews/ Engineering inspection

In-depth investigation permits go-ahead on facility expansion.

Client saves.
A large telecommunications facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was constructed in 1968. It was reaching its maximum life cycle and did not meet current building codes. The client wanted to expand manufacturing and office space but was concerned that the project would compromise the building's structural integrity. Ken Root was called in to determine whether the building was sound and, if so, whether modifications could be made and at what cost.

Complicating the situation was the fact that portions of the building were built on drilled piers and other portions on spread footings, making it difficult to determine the criteria and design parameters for the original building.

A review of original construction documents provided insight on the design parameters used. Time spent investigating these documents saved the client costly engineering and testing services that would otherwise have been required. Although reviewing documents is standard practice, the documents are not always available and can be difficult to interpret. Reviewing the documents takes experience and investigative skill. Experience in the construction industry also helps. Ken had ten years of construction experience prior to becoming an engineer. He determined that minimum modifications would be needed to expand the manufacturing and office spaces. The client could proceed with the expansion.

Investigative Techniques

Obtain drawings of the original construction
  • From owner.
  • If owner does not have drawings, building department is contacted to determine if any archived structural drawings exist.
Review of original documents
  • Determines foundation type.
  • Determines allowable loads for original design.
  • Identifies soil conditions (soils report).
  • Identifies types of materials used in original structure.
  • Identifies design loads for each material.
  • Identifies codes and requirements followed at time structure was designed and built.
  • Allows engineer/analyst to determine modifications needed to meet current codes.
On-site investigation
  • Interview owner
    - Determine any existing problems.
    - Determine the age of structure.
    - Identify any use changes for structure.
  • Determine if use is compatible with structure.
  • Determine any drainage problems.

Kunert/Root investigates structures and sites to determine the impact modifications will make.

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