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Document Review

Review of documents identifies deficiencies, saves time and keeps a project on schedule…

Specification development is an important part of the design of a project. The specifications may be incorporated into the design drawings or a separate document. Either way they impart vital information concerning the design and methods of construction required for the project to meet all the necessary codes and standards.

Technical reports are an important aspect for providing information associated with a specific aspect of a project or investigation. It is important that the report contain the proper technical information as well as being written in a manner consistent with the audience reading the report.

Document review is an important part of the development of specifications and reports. Consistency of the document with associated drawings ensures product quality and prevents delays needed to determine which information is correct.

How do you ensure a document is ready for publication?

Review documents to ensure consistency within the document and with other related documents. Readability, grammar, and punctuation are essential to ensure the document is understandable and can be used as planned. Identification of problem areas within written documents prior to publication reduces time needed to resolve issues and reduces the potential for incorrect interpretation of the document.

Kunert/Root LLC develops and reviews specifications and technical reports.

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